Free Wearable PopRoxXX party mask!

To get a free wearable poproxxx party mask please register for a new account at using your metamask.

Once I receive notifcation of the new referal I will send you a lovely brand new minted directly to you PopRoxxxx party mask.

You will be the first owner of your own PopRoxxx party mask in Decentraland. Just got o and sign up.

Also check the events on decentralands website. Lots of free events!

$4000.00 in prizes!

Start your week with DG at Casino Night, featuring blackjack and roulette playable with $MANA and $DAI! Cruise by to hang with friends, enjoy new DJ mixed sets, and win $DG/NFT prizes!

The top 5 high scorers (in points) for the evening will receive the following prizes:

1st place – DG Wearable w/ Mining Bonus ($2k+ Value)

2nd place – $200 USD in $DG

3rd place – $125 USD in $DG

4th place – $75 USD in $DG

5th place – $50 USD in $DG

Points are based on total USD value winnings and players never receive negative points for losses.

There will be a 15 USD airdrop every 5 minutes to a randomly selected address from active players in MANA and DAI!

For more information go to

See you there!